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Implant placement from a prosthodontic perspective. This course gives you the mentored experience you need to master optimally placed dental implants for the best aesthetic and functional restorations. After intensive multi-session hands-on instruction, you will be mentored while surgically placing implants into your own patient. Unlike other weekend courses where you buy equipment but never feel comfortable enough to go home and use it, our participants have 100% success rates in integration of implant placement into their practices.

Treatment Planning, Implant Prosthetics, Implant Surgery & Grafting.

  • The conference presentations will provide insight into the new 3-D imaging technology revolution. The journey begins with treatment planning and case presentation models that will increase predictability.
  • The point – counterpoint presentation style will be used to illustrate how different treatment paradigms are resolved successfully, both surgically, and prosthetically.
  • Phamacological protocols will be reviewed as well as the latest research in PRP technology that can be implemented into every day dental practice to improve treatment outcomes.
  • The journey continues with the presentation of innovative technology used in hard and soft tissue surgical techniques for implant site and development and implant placement.
  • Staff breakout sessions will include asepsis protocols and aftercare training. Communication specialists will be utilized for staff training to strengthen the dental practice presence in the community.
  • Evidence based protocols will be provided to predictably rescue ailing and failing implants utilizing LASER technology.
  • Finally, the last day will be devoted to various case presentations that will illustrate the connection of technology with treatment.

This course is designed to give clinicians the confidence to perform soft tissue grafts, appropriate flap design for full and partial thickness flaps, suturing and advanced bone grafting procedures upon returning to their offices. Our structure is a combination of in-depth lecture, over the shoulder demonstration and a hands-on workshop with models and fresh frozen cadaver heads on advanced bone grafting for implant placement. One of the unique features of our course is that we provide panoramic radiographs of every cadaver head to simulate a realistic learning experience. This is the closest thing to performing live surgery!

This two-day hands-on course includes lecture, discussion, videos of flap design and closure procedures followed by hands-on training with freshly frozen cadavers. This lecture provides an overview of head and neck anatomy pertinent to dentoalveolar surgery, the biology of wound healing, and surgical consent.

A smile echoes health and wealth. Departure from the ideal—missing front teeth or altered gingival contours—affects self-esteem. This course trains you to perfect smiles with periodontal plastic surgery and implants. A step-by-step tutorial enables you to refine soft tissue and implant cosmetics. Live surgery and a hands-on practicum solidify your knowledge.

You have the potential to grow your practice by millions of dollars over the course of a 20-year career. How? By increasing your implant production. With the right management systems, marketing strategies and training, you can build a highly successful implant practice.

This two-day hands-on course includes lecture, discussion, videos of periodontal soft and hard tissue procedures followed by hands-on training with freshly frozen cadavers. This lecture provides an overview of pertinent head and neck anatomy, biology of healing, surgical closure, advanced soft tissue surgical techniques for restoring three dimensional soft tissue topography and sculpting gingival tissues to enhance patients’ smiles. These procedures are taught with unique and clinician proven step-by-step teaching procedural surgical guides.

Join us at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry for the most comprehensive seminar on digital dentistry and 3D imaging. Learn how to improve productivity and reduce uncertainty by taking advantage of the latest advancements in dental technology.

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