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Current Biological Trends in Aesthetic Periodontology by Dr. Andre Saadoun. DVD includes lecture and live surgery covering the following topics: Periodontal biological parameters; Crown lengthening; Treatment of gingival recession; Connective Tissue Graft Tunneling; Enamel matrix derivative emdogain; Alloderm / Emodgain; and, Platelet-rich Fibrin Membrane / Allo Derm. Liver Surgery includes treatment of gingival recession.

After completing this course the clinician should be able to treatment plan dental implants based on prosthetic classifications, divisions of available bone and classifications of bone density. The surgeon will be able to provide appropriate manipulation and grafting of the soft tissues. Finally, the implant surgeon will have a more thorough understanding of advanced bone grafting procedures which will ultimately improve implant success, longevity and esthetics for their patients.

Implant placement from a prosthodontic perspective. This course gives you the mentored experience you need to master optimally placed dental implants for the best aesthetic and functional restorations. After intensive multi-session hands-on instruction, you will be mentored while surgically placing implants into your own patient. Unlike other weekend courses where you buy equipment but never feel comfortable enough to go home and use it, our participants have 100% success rates in integration of implant placement into their practices.

Hands-On Periodontal Surgery Course I: Allogenic Soft Tissue Grafting, Root Coverage & Socket Preservation Dates: August 22 – 23, 2008 Register Now! Location: Baltimore, MD 1/1/2007 to 12/31/2010 For more information on this and other courses offered by ADE Seminars, visit our website at Course Objective This two-day hands-on course includes lecture, discussion, videos […]

Dr. Joseph Zaky, Prosthodontist * Associate clinical professor, Implant department, New York University. * Extensive university and hospital training in implants, surgery and perio. * One of the most successful private practices in the U.S., placed and restored thousands of implants. * Involved in implant practice, teaching, and research for the last 30 years. * International educator, trained hundreds of dentists on both the surgical and restorative phases of Implantology.

LEARN HOW TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE BY 25% – 30% EVEN IN A DOWN ECONOMY As dentistry evolves, implants are the new frontier for success, production and profit. In a down economy Oral Surgery and Periodontal practices need to compensate for declines in traditional specialty referrals, and implants are the next growth area. Not all […]