July 23-24, 2008
Memphis, Tennessee


The Westin Memphis Beale Street
170 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue Memphis, TN 38103

901-334-5900 or 800-937-8461

Single/Double: $190 Per Nite

Hotel Rate Cut-Off:
July 8, 2008-5:00 pm


Don’t let the Economy
Get You Down.
Grow Your Endodontic
Practice by 30%!

You are doing well, but you know you could do better. Something is holding you back. But what?

Many practices find themselves in this situation. I spoke with an endodontist who was highly stressed about the economy and his lack of practice progress. He felt like he was losing control of his practice.

Using the Levin Group MethodTM we taught him how to master his schedule, grow his referrals, better train his staff and be a powerful leader.

Now, his production is up a staggering 34%. He’s happy, he’s working less and he’s financially secure for the first time in his life.

How did he do it? By unlocking his practice potential. And you can do the same thing quite easily. Find the right keys and ultimate success is yours!

I created my latest seminar for endodontists who are ready to take the next step . . . who want more . . . who want to forge ahead and leave the obstacles and detours behind . . . endondontists who want to take control and make their dream practice a reality right now . . .

For 23 years, Levin Group has specialized in helping endodontic practices unleash their potential — no matter the current economic conditions. We customize solutions based on the unique challenges faced by each practice. With the right tools, greater endodontic success is yours for the taking!

For more information or to register, contact
customer service at 888-973-0000 or visit the links below.

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