3 Ways To Beat The Recession! Solutions for Rapid Sustainable Endodontic Growth
December 4 – 5, 2008  •  Las Vegas, NV
The One Seminar That Will Grow Your Endodontic Practice $5 Million over 10 years
You’ve read the news. You know what’s happening out there. The economy is weak, gas prices are skyrocketing, prices for just about everything are going up every day and it’s not going to get better any time soon!
If you think that providing excellent endodontic care and hiring nice people ensures practice success, guess again! Your success isn’t guaranteed – far from it! A strong number of root canals this month could easily drop off next month and stay that way. Many endodontists are already telling us that they are down 5%, 10% even 15% because of the economy.

We have the answers. Since 1985 Levin Group consultants have helped thousands of endodontists consistently grow their practices in good times and in bad.

In today’s economy, you have to plan for practice growth. You can’t simply “coast” and hope for it to happen because those days are gone with the wind! To position your endodontic practice for ultimate success, you need to look with a critical eye at your practice management and marketing systems, including: Register & Receive a $100 Travel Credit
  • Referrals – Are you doing everything you can to get GPs to send you more root canal cases? You better!
  • Collections – Bad times mean delayed payments, look out!
  • Overhead – If it’s high, it’s not good (in any economy).
Your Endodontic Practice Has Huge Potential. You just need to tap into it. The practices that grow exponentially in an economic downturn are those with highly effective management and marketing systems in place.

You can be one of those practices!

10 CE Credits Provided
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