Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with Interactive CT Software


This course is designed for implant clinicians of all experience levels to integrate high technology protocols for implant diagnosis and treatment planning. It will provide all information necessary to make practical choices to implement interactive CT technology into implant practice. Utilizing the latest in cone beam CT technology, the course will provide intensive hands-on software training, including anatomical interpretation and sequential diagnostic protocols for implant reconstruction. The course will include comprehensive case presentations and detailed treatment planning sequences for predictable restorative driven implant dentistry.



At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the principles and application of 3-D interactive CT diagnosis.

  • Perform 3-D anatomic interpretation using a sequential diagnostic protocol.

  • Perform true restorative driven dental implant treatment planning using interactive CT software.

  • Identify clinically significant anatomy and pathology to reduce complications and increase surgical predictability.

  • Describe the concept and application of implant restoration scanning templates.

  • Utilize the concept of reverse tissue engineering in planning hard and soft tissue augmentation for dental implants.

  • Identify the hardware and software component variables in applying CT technology.

  • Make practical choices for implementing CT technology into private practice

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