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Surgical DVD Box Set


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  Box Set Includes 9 DVD’s
Individual Cost (USD):
Surgery for a Single Tooth Implant
Implant Placement into Lateral Incisor Extraction Socket
Implant Placement into Central Incisor Sockets
Surgical Placement of 5 Implants in the Symphysis
Placement of 8 Implants in the Mandible for Crown and Bridge
Particulate and Barrier Grafting to cover Implant threads
Vertical Sinus Lift (Summer’s technique)
Lateral Wall Technique for Sinus Elevation
Implant Removal with Grafting of Defect
Total: $1341 USD
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Total: $999 USD
Box Set Savings: $342
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DVD’s will be shipped end of May 2009.

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Dr. Ken HebelDr. Ken Hebel has been practicing as a prosthodontic specialist for over 25 years, providing implant, esthetic and reconstructive treatments. As one of the early pioneers to embrace Implant Dentistry, Dr. Hebel provides both surgical and prosthetic phases of Implant Therapy to his patients. His wealth of knowledge and experience has made him one of the most sought after educators and leaders in the Implant Industry.

As an authority in dental implants, he is a consultant for the largest dental implant company worldwide – Nobel Biocare. In addition, he is the director of the Hands On Training Institute, located right here in London, Ontario, where he provides hands on surgical and prosthetic implant education for dentists around the world.


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