UNC School of Dentistry
8th Dental Implant Symposium & Live Surgery Course
November 12–14, 2009
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Contact the UNC School of Dentistry at 919-966-2729 or visit us at www.dent.unc.edu/cde/courses
Sponsored by Astra Tech Dental
UNC School of Dentistry
The 8th Dental Implant Symposium and Live Surgery Demonstration Course combines both lecture and live surgical demonstration. Each participant in the 2.5 day course will directly observe patient surgical and restorative procedures. In addition, detailed case reviews will be used to reinforce patient selection, treatment planning, step-wise procedures, and problem solving. Careful attention to individual questions will be assured for the live surgery demonstration portion by a low student/faculty ratio. Therefore attendance for the live surgeries is limited to the first 30 participants.
Schedule and Lecturers
Thursday, November 12
Lecture and case review by Drs. Lyndon Cooper, John Moriarty and the UNC Department of Prosthodontics
Friday, November 13
Featured symposium presentations:
  • Clinical decisions in implants – radiographic assessment and bone grafting materials, by Dr. John Muse
  • Reducing prosthetic complications, by Dr. Ed McGlumphy
  • Achieving soft tissue esthetic excellence, by Dr. Jay Beagle
Saturday, November 14
Live surgical demonstration including Facilitate™ computer guided surgery
Registration and more information: Contact the UNC School of Dentistry at 919-966-2729 or visit www.dent.unc.edu/cde/courses
Duration: 2.5 days, Course fee: $995 USD for entire course (Thurs. - Sat.), $265 USD/Dentist for Friday symposium alone, $165 USD/Team member for Friday alone, CE Credit 15 (Thurs. - Sat.) or 6 (Friday alone)

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