Live Surgery and
Hands-on Clinic
Sonick Seminars
December 3-4
16 CEUs
Taking a course
with Michael will
expand your
knowledge and
understanding of
implants —
he will leave you
yearning to
attend the
next course.”
Dr. Stephen Chu,
•Private Practice of Prosthodontics,
New York, NY
•Director, Advanced and
CDE Programs in Aesthetic
NYU School of Dentistry
The Sonick Seminars
Teaching Center
is located at:
1047 Old Post Road,
Fairfi eld, CT 06824
Voice: 203.254.2006
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Course 1
Implant and Periodontal Plastic
Surgery in the Esthetic Zone Before and After

We live in a culture that judges its members by appearances. To us, a smile echoes health, wealth, demeanor and worth. Any departure from the ideal —missing front teeth or altered gingival contours especially—devalues a person.

This course trains you to perfect the dentition with periodontal plastic surgery and to restore anterior edentulous areas with implants indistinguishable from natural teeth.

We provide a step-by-step tutorial that enables you to diagnose, design and refi ne soft tissue and implant cosmetics for your own patients. Live surgery and a hands-on practicum shall cement your knowledge. In particular, we will showcase the newest as well as most predictable grafting methods known to attain a harmonious smile.

What you’ll learn
Constituents of an ideal smile
Smile design
Implant esthetics and surgical techniques
  • Optimal dimensions
  • Socket preservation versus immediate implantation
  • Guide fabrication
  • Ideal provisionalization
  • Papilla regeneration
Gingival esthetics and surgical techniques
  • Soft tissue augmentation
    • Autografts: Connective tissue, free gingival, reconstructive flaps
    • Allograft: Acellular dermal matrix (AlloDerm®)
    • Guided tissue regeneration: membranes
  • Esthetic crown lengthening
    • Two-stage technique
  • New biologically active enhancers
    • Enamel matrix derivate (Emdogain®)
    • Platelet-derived growth factor (Gem 21®)
    • Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF)

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