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Advanced Bone Grafting I -Feb 4-6, 2010 or March 11-13, 2010

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Michael A. Pikos, DDS - Live Surgical Course

The Advanced Bone Grafting I course is designed for the clinician with prior implant experience who desires to implement millennium technology and state of the art bone grafting protocols for their implant practice.


The focus will be the application of the Pikos Institute Philosophy to optimize hard tissue architecture for predictable surgical implant placement and restoration. High technology interactive CT diagnosis will be utilized to improve patient selection, graft site evaluation, harvest site assessment and minimize complications. Contemporary surgical bone grafting protocols, including ridge expansion, sinus grafting, and autogenous block grafting, will be presented with LIVE Surgical demonstration and hands-on model surgery. A dedicated section of the course will address bone grafting complications.  

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Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Implement the Pikos Institute Philosophy of oral implant rehabilitation by performing hard tissue diagnosis and treatment sequencing for bone grafting.

  • Understand the relationship between hard and soft tissue architecture as it relates to bone grafting and case success.

  • Appreciate evidence based data from 17 year retrospective and prospective mandibular block graft studies.

  • Appreciate evidence based data from 19 year retrospective sinus graft studies.

  • Understand and apply the principles of interactive CT diagnosis and treatment planning for advanced bone grafting procedures.

  • Identify clinically significant anatomic variables for autogenous bone grafting for horizontal and vertical augmentation.

  • Apply fundamental and comprehensive biomechanical principles that dictate bone grafting surgical protocol.

  • List the indications and surgical protocols for ridge expansion.

  • List the indications and surgical protocols for maxillary sinus bone grafting.

  • List the indications and surgical protocols for autogenous block grafting.

  • Compare ridge expansion, distraction osteogenesis and GBR techniques.

  • Utilize growth factor technology in conjunction with bone grafting protocols.

  • Understand the indications and application of immediate provisionalization.

  • Recognize, manage and prevent bone grafting complications.


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