Sonick Seminars - Powerful and Thought-Provoking Continuing Education Courses
Sept. 23-24, 2010
Sept. 22-23, 2011 PACE
16 CEUs
Dr. Sonick is a master clinician and an outstanding teacher. Interacting with Mike at his teaching facility is a treat and experience not to be missed. His programs are enlightening and will inspire you to become a better dentist.”
Dr. Maurice Salama
Founder, Dental XP
Live Surgery and
Hands-on Clinic
The Sonick Seminars
Teaching Center
is located at:
1047 Old Post Road,
Fairfi eld, CT 06824
Voice: 203.254.2006
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Implant and Periodontal Plastic
Surgery in the Esthetic Zone Before and After

We live in a culture that judges its members by appearances. To us, a smile echoes health, wealth, demeanor and worth. Any departure from the ideal — missing front teeth or altered gingival contours especially — devalues a person.

This course trains you to perfect the dentition with periodontal plastic surgery and to restore anterior edentulous areas with implants indistinguishable from natural teeth.

We provide a step-by-step tutorial that enables you to diagnose, design and refine soft tissue and implant cosmetics for your own patients. Live surgery and a hands-on practicum shall cement your knowledge. In particular, we will showcase the newest as well as most predictable grafting methods known to attain a harmonious smile.

What you’ll learn
Constituents of an ideal smile
Smile design
Implant esthetics and surgical techniques
  • Optimal dimensions
  • Socket preservation versus immediate implantation
  • Guide fabrication
  • Ideal provisionalization
  • Papilla regeneration
Gingival esthetics and surgical techniques
  • Soft tissue augmentation
    • Autografts: Connective tissue, free gingival, reconstructive flaps
    • Allograft: Acellular dermal matrix (AlloDerm®)
    • Guided tissue regeneration: membranes
  • Esthetic crown lengthening
    • Two-stage technique
  • New biologically active enhancers
    • Enamel matrix derivate (Emdogain®)
    • Platelet-derived growth factor (Gem 21®)
    • Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF)

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