Innovations in Implant Dentistry
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Speakers Include Doctors:
John Beumer    Lyndon Cooper    Sidney B. Eisig      David Garber    Axel Kirsch    David Kohavi     Michael K. McGuire    Alan M. Meltzer    Neil Meredith
Peter Moy    Maurice Salama    Joerg Strub    Tiziano Testori
Course Objectives:
  • understand the most predictable applications and biologic rationale for immediate loading
  • identify predictors of clinical success: ideal case selection, site and surgical related factors
  • learn site preparation protocols to control infection, improve primary stability and increase insertion torque
  • understand recommendations for reducing the frequency of implant failure and infection
  • become familiar with advances in surface tomography research
  • understand the biological realities and clinical problems faced when replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant
  • understand how to create and maintain natural hard and soft tissue relationships
  • predictably achieve maintainable periodontal, occlusal and esthetic outcomes
  • understand the risk factors in anterior implant therapy
  • become familiar with the complexities of when to extract or save a tooth
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