Dental Courses
By Dr. Hom-Lay Wang
Dr. Hom-Lay Wang,
DDS., MSD., Ph D.
Endowed Collegiate Professor of Periodontics
Professor and Director of Graduate Periodontics
Diplomate and Director, American Board of Periodontology
Dr. Hom-Lay Wang
Common Implant
Complications and
Their Management
November 26, 2010
Learning Objectives
  • Understand decision tree used to select treatment modalities for the management of implant complications
  • Know how to properly manage peri-implantitis
  • Recognize etiologic factors that may contribute to implant complications
  • Learn how to prevent future implant complications

This lecture is designed to help dentists in dealing with common implant complications, in particular to avoid these complications before they occur. It will provide the basics of treatment planning concepts and the mechanism of bone loss and implant failure; and howt to deal and prevent these problems. The treatment for implant diseases/complications include: chemotherapeutic agents, apically positioned flap with or without implantoplasty, implant surface detoxification, guided bone regeneration, soft tissue grafts, implant removal as well as re-implantation. In addition, participants will also learn how to perform implant maintenance care. This presentation will also focus on discussing many key factors that are essential for avoiding implant esthetic nightmares. Procedures used to correct or enhance esthetic outcomes such as socket augmentation, orthodontic forced eruption, guided bone augmentation, monocortical onlay grafts, soft tissue grafts and pink porcelain or veneer will also be briefly presented.

Periodontal / Implant
Surgery Program
with Hands-on
Pig-Jaw Workshop
Session 1: January 21 – 23, 2011 Session 2: April 15 – 17, 2011 Session 3: May 26 – 29, 2011
Session 1: Periodontal Mechanical Instrumentation and Surgery
  • Flap Designs, Suturing Techniques and Surgical Instruments
  • Hand, Ultrasonic, Instrumentation
  • Adjunctive Procedures and Chemotherapy in Periodontics
  • Management of Infrabony Defects & Furcation Defects
Session 2: Oral Plastic Surgery
  • Principles of an Esthetic Smile
  • Essentials for Esthetic Restoration and Treatment
  • Esthetic and Surgical Crown Lengthening
  • Procedures used for Crown Lengthening
  • Principles of Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Predictable Soft Tissue Grafting – agents and techniques used
Session 3: Advanced Implant Surgery
  • Implant Surgery
  • Socket Augmentation and Immediate Implant Placement
  • Surgical Guides
  • Ridge Augmentation: Guided Bone Regeneration
Periodontal and
Implant Surgery:
A Hands-on
Cadaver Course
October 21–23, 2011

This course is designed to help dentists incorporate periodontal plastic surgery and advanced implant surgery into their daily practices.

Course topics will include:
  • Indications and contraindications for periodontal plastic surgery
  • Implant esthetic treatment plan
  • Periodontal plastic surgery – soft tissue grafting
  • Ridge augmentation procedures
  • Sandwich bone augmentation procedures
  • Monocortical onlay grafting
  • Sinus grafting procedures
  • Soft tissue management around dental implants
  • Use of tissue engineering to enhance clinical outcomes

This course combines didactic lectures and hands-on workshop with eggs and fresh cadaver specimens to cover a broad range of advanced periodontal/implant surgical techniques.

$495 CAD + HST Session 1: $3,000 CAD + HST
Session 2: $3,000 CAD + HST
Session 3: $4,000 CAD + HST
$4,995 CAD + HST
Download the Registration Form and course brochure.
For additional course details and registration please contact:
Global Dental Implant Institute
Jade Tom
3621 Highway 7 East, Suite 407
Markham, ON L3R 0G6
Tel: 647-981-8199
Fax: 905-948-9297

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