Live Surgery and Hands-on Clinic
Sonick Seminars
April 14-15, 2011 PACE
16 CEUs
Dr. Sonick is a
master clinician
and an outstanding
teacher. Interacting
with Mike at his
teaching facility
is a treat and
experience not to
be missed. His
programs are
enlightening and
will inspire you
to become a
better dentist.”
Dr. Maurice Salama
• Founder, Dental XP
The Sonick Seminars
Teaching Center
is located at:
1047 Old Post Road,
Fairfield, CT 06824
Voice: 203.254.2006
For more information go to:
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Bone Regeneration for Ideal
Implant Placement

In modern implant dentistry, mere osseointegration is not enough. We tolerate no less than perfection. Thus the position that creates the most beautiful and functional prosthesis dictates the location of the implant, not the ridge morphology. Today, we simply grow bone where we desire it.

Through live surgery, a hands-on clinic and lecture, expert surgeon Dr. Michael Sonick will train you to augment hard tissue. Dr. Sonick will present to you the most up-to-date protocol on guided bone regeneration as well as operate in-house. Notably, he will introduce a breakthrough technology for bone harvesting and sinus lifting, piezoelectric instrumentation, which allows for collection without damage to any soft tissue structures.

What you’ll learn
When to bone graft
Staging of treatment
Graft options
• Guided bone regeneration
• Ridge expansion
• Sinus elevation
Best materials to use
• Particulate or block graft
• Auto-, allo-, xeno-grafts or synthetics
• Absorbable or non-absorbable membranes
• Growth factors
State-of-the-art surgical technology
• Piezoelectric instrumentation
Management of complications and failures

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