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Socket Grafting for
Implant Placement

A Hands-On Workshop By Dr. John Russo, DDS, MHS

August 21, 2014    |    8:00 am – 12:00 pm    |    Chicago, Illinois

Dr. John Russo portrait
Course Description The success of a dental implant depends largely on the quality and the quantity of bone at the time of placement. Grafting a socket at th etime of extraction can facilitate the implant placement and in many situations save time and money for the patient by eliminating more involved grafts at a later date. This lecture will review a classification of sockets with a decision tree of techniques to graft based on the anatomy of the remaining socket. Consideration will also be taken to preserve and create an adequate zone of kerantinized tissue. This course will include a hands-on portion in order the practice the techniques discussed. Course Objective
  • Understand the ideal quality and quantity of bone necessary for long term implant success
  • Understand socket grafting techniques and materials available to predictably grow bone.
  • Gain hands-on experience of socket grafting techniques.
  • Know when to do immediate placement, flap, when to use fast resorbing collagen or slow resorbing membrane, what to do if the entire buccal plate is missing (wide vs narrow), how long to wait before placing an implant.
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