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3 Excellent Live Courses with Simion, Euwe & Jovanovic in September!
Vertical Ridge Augmentation
September 11 – 12 – HANDS-ON with Dr. Massimo Simion – $2190
  • Atrophic jaw bone classification – Surgical indications – Treatment planning with Branemark implants
  • The totally edentulous maxilla: different atrophies and corresponding surgical techniques
  • The totally edentulous mandible: different atrophies and corresponding surgical techniques – Short implants – Bone grafts – GBR
  • Vertical ridge augmentation: scientific background – surgical technique – bone graft harvesting from intra-oral sites
  • Anatomical determinants of aesthetic implant restoration Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Surgical techniques description with case reports
Sinus Elevation and Grafting
September 13 – HANDS-ON with Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic – $1195
A critical viewing of biological and clinical aspects of sinus elevation techniques including the key elements for implant success will be presented.

Participants will practice on fresh goat maxilla models, with the latest implant designs, microsurgical sinus hand instruments, osteotome instruments, bovine filler materials and resorbable membranes and rhBMP-2/INFUSE bone graft.
  • Learn to perform sinus elevation surgery predictably
  • Identify the clinical and practical benefits of minimally invasive osteotome sinus elevation
  • Learn the technique for performing highly predictable lateral window surgery
  • Identify a biological protocol using graft materials for sinus elevation
  • Learn how to prevent and treat complications
Soft Tissue Esthetics: Peri-Implant and Periodontal Plastic Surgery
September 19 – 20 – HANDS-ON with Dr. Egon Euwe – $2190
  • Principles of Soft Tissue Management and Grafting
  • Biologic and anatomic review of Soft Tissue Healing & Grafting
  • Decision making in material choice from Autologous, Allograft, Collagen and Growth Factors in Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Timing the soft tissue graft and procedure before, during and after bone graft and implant placement
  • Select and perform the step for step procedure of soft tissue grafts and periodontal plastic surgery
  • Implant uncovering procedures and gingival thickening procedures
  • Soft tissue repair and reconstructive procedures after implant and bone graft complication
  • Esthetic crown lengthening
  • Soft tissue graft harvest and placement
  • GBR procedures with simultaneous soft tissue graftings
  • Soft tissue tunneling procedures
  • Combination Inlay-Onlay grafts
  • Gingival Biotype “Boost” techniques
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