The Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics Technique An Interdisciplinary Approach to Move Teeth Rapidly & Predictably
Upcoming Course Dates
January 28-29, 2017
NOVA Ft. Lauderdale, FL
June 2-3, 2017
Erie, Pa
October 6-7, 2017
Erie, Pa
Course Objective
This two day course is designed to expose the clinicians to the advanced surgical and orthodontic aspects of the Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ (AOO) technique and to the unique manner in which these must be coordinated to maximize the potential of this technique. Upon completion the clinician should be able to utilize the new diagnostic parameters needed to treatment plan the various orthodontic classifications and properly design the surgical aspects needed to support the orthodontic objectives. Attendees receive 16 CE credits (AGD).
Testimonials From Former Course Attendees:
“As a Periodontist, I work with a number of Orthodontic colleagues who utilize AOO™ as a vital treatment option for their patients. AOO™ not only accelerates the movement of teeth but the bone regenerated allows for better and more stable orthodontic results. After performing the surgery for AOO™ on hundreds of patients, I can vouch for the safety and efficacy of this procedure.”
– Dr. Charles A. White, Periodontist, Bentonville, Arkansas

“We took the Wilckodontics Course for the first time in June 2012. After two days of intensive lectures we could get an in depth knowledge of Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics that enabled us to successfully treat our patients back at home straight away. The technique proved to be simple and cost effective. The results are just amazing and we quickly became renowned for providing fast and high quality orthodontics. This course proved to be a milestone in our professional lives and now that we look back, we just don´t see ourselves without PAOO in our daily practice.
Taking the Wilckodontics Course has probably been the best decision we have made in our entire professional lives. We strongly recommend it!”
– Dr. Francisco Muñoz DDS, Oral & Surgeon, Santiago, Chile
– Dr. Silvana Palacios DDS, Orthodontist, Surgeon, Santiago, Chile
About the Speakers
This course is presented by Dr. William Wilcko and Dr. Thomas Wilcko, who over the past 21 years have developed and perfected the Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ technique. More than 2000 professionals in 46 countries have been trained in the AOO™ technique.
William M. Wilcko, DMD, MS
Private practice in Orthodontics, Erie, PA

Dr. William Wilcko received his certificate in Orthodontic from West Virginia University School of Dental Medicine and is presently in private practice in Erie, Pennsylvania. William and his brother Tom have developed and patented the Wilckodontics technique and devices and published extensively. His previous research experience have been in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry. William and his brother James developed an endodontic sealer that has been on the market for 30 years.
M. Thomas Wilcko, DMD
Private practice in Periodontics, Erie, PA
Clinical Associate Professor of Periodontics,
Case University, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Thomas Wilcko received his certification in Periodontics from Harvard and is presently in the private practice of periodontics in Erie, Pennsylvania and is a Clinical Associate Professor in Periodontics at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. He has published extensively in the fields of chemistry, prosthetics, orthodontics, and periodontics and lectures internationally with Dr. Donald Ferguson who is the leading researcher in this area.
To Register
Call 800-268-6466
Refund and cancellation policies: In the event of cancellation, you may request either a credit toward a future AOO Seminar or a refund. A full refund will be granted for requests received at least one month prior to the course; administrative fees may apply for requests received less than 30 days prior to the course. Refund requests must be in writing.
Seminar Schedule
Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
TThe rational and physiologic basis for rapid tooth movement facilitated with a one-stage surgical procedure. The role that CBCT scan imaging can play in orthodontic diagnosing and treatment planning.
Sorting through the misunderstandings of rapid tooth movement. Shedding the mechanical mind set of “bony block” movement and replacing this with the physiologic interpretation of “bone matrix transportation”.
Proper utilization of bone thinning and activation to take full advantage of the demineralization phase of the RAP.
Adapting to new orthodontic treatment parameters that take into consideration the significant increases in the limits of tooth movement and the increase in the speed of tooth movement.
The importance of alveolar and gingival grafting to provide a more intact periodontium and increased long term stability.
Friday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Orthodontic versus orthopedic forces in de-crowding, expansive movements and space closing. Modifying orthodontic adjustment scheduling to take full advantage of the “window of opportunity”.
Understanding the potential and limitations of subtle facial reshaping as a substitute for orthognathic surgery.
Review the coordination of the surgical and orthodontic aspects of the treatment plan.
Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Treatment Planning, treatment planning, & more treatment planning.
The proper sequencing of the rapid forced eruption of shallow versus deeply impacted teeth.
Understanding various health issues and medications that can impact the delivery of AOO™.
Points of interest and how to avoid complications.
Saturday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Addressing the esthetics of the entire lower face and the adjustment of lip lines.
Marketing this technique to your patients. You will have the option of purchasing special marketing materials that have been developed to aid you in patient education and case acceptance.
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Dr. William Wilcko and Dr. Thomas Wilcko
6066 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16509

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2016 Dental Implant Continuum
Dental Implant
April – October
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
168 Hours of C.E. Credit
Completion Satisfies ICOI Fellowship Requirements

Learn the skills you need to competently place and restore dental implants

Mentored Placement of Implants by Students
Live Surgeries
Hands-on Training
Triangle Dental Institue
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Triad Dental Institute Website

Most clinicians believe that a comprehensive, didactic course of study followed by live clinical experiences are the gold standard in implant training. Over the past ten years our program has evolved to provide what our students describe as a career changing professional experience. We know of no other course that offers all the crucial elements and flexibility necessary to best prepare you for success in placement of dental implants:

  • A concisely presented course of study guided by a core faculty to help you navigate the complexities involved and weigh the indications and advantages of the various techniques.
  • Seven three-day sessions spread over seven months provide participants ample opportunity to learn and apply new techniques. Implant dentistry is not learned in a weekend or a week. It is an evolution of your skills that you hone during a serious course of study.
  • Colleagues develop actual cases from their own practices, beginning with diagnosis and treatment planning, proceeding through surgical guide fabrication and 3-D analysis, and culminating in implant placement.
  • Live surgeries presented at each Friday session followed by discussion of the science and techniques that inform the surgeries.
  • All surgeries are videotaped and provided to every student. We believe that viewing instructional videos just prior to performing surgery improves outcomes.
  • Saturday and Sunday sessions featuring the world’s premier implant educators are designed to reinforce the concepts presented in the live surgeries. Through case presentations in a group participation atmosphere, we teach surgical implant placement and associated bone and tissue grafting techniques with the goal of redefining effective treatment planning.
  • Twenty plus hours of hands-on workshops to develop these skills on dental models and pig jaws.
  • Mentored surgeries to close the loop and develop your skills on real patients
Team Training

Since a successful implant practice depends on involvement of the entire office our October session provides an opportunity for your team members to be certified as ICOI Dental Implant Assistants. The goals for this session include integrating implant surgery into your existing practice and providing staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist in placing implants. Together, teams will attend live surgeries and attend lectures on case presentation, office organization, and implant maintenance. In special break out sessions, team members will learn how to set up and maintain equipment and surgical operatories, surgically assist for implant placement, bone and tissue grafting, and fabricate models and guides specific to implant placement.


All lectures and laboratory sessions are in our state of the art facility located just minutes from RDU airport. In addition to implants we are universally recognized for our amazing chef!

Mentored Surgery Experience

We find that clinicians present with varied personalities and surgical backgrounds that dictate the degree of live surgical experience they find useful. We will provide the patients and a trained surgical assistant to mentor your assistant for implant placement, bone grafting, and tissue grafting. You will have the opportunity to follow up these patients post-operatively and review and consult with the faculty relative to improving your technique. The testing of your skills followed by immediate evaluation and feedback has been proven as the best learning strategy. If you prefer, you can bring one of your own patients and arrange for them to pay the fee. For our course participants we charge 70% of our normal case fee to cover the overhead and implant costs allowing you to dial in the right amount of surgical experience for your needs.


“The mentored surgery was incredible! Thanks to all the staff and faculty for making it our best learning experience ever! Exposing the mental foramina and placing four mandibular implants—priceless”
– Jill Merrill, DDS and David Merrill, DDS, Weaverville, NC

“I hear too many stories about dentists who invest time and money into implant education and never actually place implants. This is not the case at the Triangle Dental Institute. I took the course, and now I’m placing implants — and so are my classmates.”
– David Collins, DDS, Denver, CO

“This course completely changed the way I practice dentistry. Knowing the intricacies of bone and tissue grafting and implant placement has helped me to make more informed diagnoses and treatment plans. It feels good to know that my patients are receiving the best, most up-to-date care available. My daughter, who practices with me, will take the course next year.”
– Thomas Rider, DDS, Hickory, NC

Hands on


Standing Faculty

Dr. Mark Hunt Director
Mark Hunt, DDS | Director
Dr. Hunt earned his BA and DDS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Fellow of the ICOI. He maintains a private practice in Durham, North Carolina, with an emphasis on aesthetic and implant dentistry. For the past ten years, Dr. Hunt and his staff have organized annual dental mission trips to Haiti and Central America through the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club. In 2005, Dr. Hunt established the Triangle Dental Institute to educate dentists in dental implants and bone grafting.

Dr. Holland Co-Director
John Rob Holland, DDS | Co-Director
Dr. Holland received his DDS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Fellow of the ICOI. He founded Sally Industries, a robotics and animation company, while maintaining a private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. He has developed a dental office management software program, “The Dental Executive,” to improve office efficiency and has produced videos for dental office repair and maintenance.

Dr. David Simpson Co-Director
David M. Simpson, DDS, PhD | Co-Director
Dr. Simpson is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He has been one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s most popular faculty members during his 30-plus year’s association with the Dental School, serving as Department Chair from 1987- 1994. He now maintains a private practice in Raleigh, North Carolina, focusing on periodontics and dental implants.

Course Schedule

2017 Schedule

APRIL 21-23
Scott Lingle, DDS
JULY 14-16
Michael Sonick, DMD, MS
Michael McCracken, DDS, MS, PhD
May 19-21
Leo Malin, DDS
AUGUST 11-13
Joseph Kan, DDS, MS
Kanyon Keeney, DDS, MS, OS
Kathi Carlson, CDA
Jeff Carlson, CDT
John Russo, DDS

JUNE 9-11
Tom McGarry, DDS, MS
To see course details, download the Full Brochure Here

Credits & Sponsors


Academy of General Dentistry Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit

Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.
3/1/2013 to 2/28/2016

This program is approved for 168 credit hours

TDI Graduate Group Photo at ICOI annual meeting
Triangle Dental Institute graduates receiving their
Fellowship Diplomas at the ICOI Annual Meeting


Registration – Tuition – Accommodations

Use this registration form or download the Full Brochure and Registration Form
Name ________________________________________________________
DDS DMD Specialty ________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
City/State/ZIP ________________________________________________________
Telephone/Fax ________________________________________________________
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Staff Names ________________________________________________________
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Signature ________________________________________________________

Mail, Email, Fax (919-544-9669) or Call (919-544-3721) for easy enrollment:
Triangle Dental Institute 1622 E. Hwy 54, Durham, NC 27713


Enroll by:
November 15, 2016 $7,900
January 15, 2017 $8,400
March 1, 2017 $8,800
Late entries $9,200
October Team Training Weekend $400 per Team Member
The $1,500 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.
The remainder can be paid in two installments, half by April 21 and half by June 10.
Fees are for cash/check payments. Credit card payments require an additional 2% transaction fee


Courtyard Marriott The Courtyard Marriott
301 Residence Inn Blvd.
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 484-2900
Marriott Hotel Marriott Research Triangle Park
4700 Guardian Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27703
(919) 941-6200
(800) 228-9290
Fax: (919) 941-6229

“I highly recommend the North Carolina Triangle Dental Institute 2017 Dental Implant Continuum as a vehicle to begin your practical career in implant dentistry. Great experience… Great faculty … Great small group learning environment!”

-Kenneth W.M. Judy, DDS, FACD,FICD,Co-Chair, ICOI

Triangle Dental Institute
“Thinking Outside the Palate”
Learning to treat recession with acellular dermis grafting can be a valuable addition to your practice skill set!

This surgical technique is simpler and faster than difficult, tedious TUNNELING AND PIN-HOLE techniques. Most soft tissue grafting for recession can now be donewithout any palate surgery. Acellular dermis is as effective as connective tissue or free gingival grafts when used with a simplified technique that eliminates tedious tunneling.

Acellular dermis is an effective barrier membrane when used in socket management for guided bone regeneration. This sets the stage for rapid bone graft maturation and accurate implant placement. Acellular dermis generates new, wider attachment and keratinized gingiva around implants. Acellular dermis can be used to cover cervical caries lesions, avoiding class V restorations. Platelet-rich growth factors and Emdogain accelerate soft tissue healing, and will increase keratinized tissue plus predictable root surface reattachment.

Gum recession Before Gum recession After
Acellular Dermis Grafts for Recession Defects
Recognize the prevalence of recession defects in dental practice populations.
Review anatomy, biology and blood supply of gingival soft tissue.
Diagnose and treatment plan soft tissue grafts for predictable results.
Describe where and how to use acellular dermis to treat recession sites to gain root coverage and reattachment.
See the less complicated technique compared to “Pin-Hole” and tunneling.
Observe live surgery videos of single-site and multiple-site soft tissue surgery techniques.
Learn the key principles in flap design, acellular dermis placement and soft tissue suturing with hands-on soft tissue model surgery.
Learn the steps in treating multiple recession sites in a single surgical visit.
Enable you to anticipate and prevent complications in soft tissue grafting to treat recession.
Learn specific techniques for management of soft tissue healing complications with oral and topical antibiotic therapy.
Learn the critical keys to augmenting implant sites with acellular dermis.
Understand the value of platelet-rich growth factors and Emdogain in root coverage grafting and soft tissue reattachment.
Socket Preservation
Socket Preservation, Ridge Augmentation and Implant Site Repair
Recognize how to predict and avoid soft tissue complications around implant sites.
Understand key principles of bone metabolism in hard tissue augmentation for implant sites.
Learn how to apply findings of newest research on socket grafting with biological growth factors to allow immediate and two-stage stable implant placement.
Understand the effects and advantages in bone grafting of using GEM21 (platelet derived growth factor) PRGF (platelet-rich growth factor) and Infuse (rhBMP-2).
Learn how CT scans streamline implant surgery.
Understand the key biologic width of bone adjacent to implants and how to achieve it with allograft and harvested bone.
Learn how peri-implantitis in is predictably treated.
Observe the soft tissue changes gained using acellular dermis in augmenting sites before and after implant placement.
Understand how acellular dermis is used to repair soft tissue dehiscence adjacent to implants.
See the reasons why 3D CT scans are now the standard of care in implant cases.
Socket Preservation
Presented by: Steve Wallace, DDS MHS
Steve Wallace
Dr. Wallace received his B.S. in pharmacy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his D.D.S. degree from the U.N.C. School of Dentistry. He received his Master’s Degree with Honors in Periodontics from the Medical University of South Carolina, and serves as Visiting Lecturer at M.U.S.C. Dr. Wallace participates in the Harvard School of Public Health studies and is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Periodontology. He has published original research in the Journal of Periodontology, International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Journal of International Dentistry and the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry.
Dr. Wallace presents lectures for professional groups, teaching institutions and national professional meetings.
What others say about Dr. Wallace:
“Everything Dr. Wallace presents is clear, detailed and backed up by evidence-based literature. This is an excellent hands-on acellular dermis surgery course.”
– Dr. Mike Pikos, Pikos Implant Institute
“Dr. Wallace is a skilled teacher and superb clinician when it comes to soft tissue surgery. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in adding recession grafting with acellular dermis to their practice skill set.“
– Dr. John Russo, Assistant Clinical Professor, Medical University of South Carolina
“This course is evidence-based, hands-on and filled with invaluable clinical innovations we all can use every day!”
– Dr. Paul Levy, Periodontist
Please register me for the following location:
Course is limited to 25 attendees.
___ Feb 18th Dallas TX Westin Galleria
___ Mar 18th Chicago IL Renaissance O’Hare
___ May 20th Charlotte NC
The course is 9 AM to 5 PM and includes: continental breakfast, lunch, Powerpoint print-out color course manual, hands-on models for graft placement and flap design technique, surgery videos, and certificate of attendance for 7 hours PACE/AGD C.E. credits.
Tuition: $1950 for Doctors, $290 for Auxiliaries.
Register at

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Atraumatic Extractions for the G.P. with Dr. Steven Rasner

Atraumatic Extractions
for the G.P.
with Dr. Steven Rasner
Train on LIVE patients

Spend two action-packed days training with one of the masters.
This class will be taught in an intimate setting, where each doctor will have ample opportunity to ask questions, perform multiple extractions, and return home ready to perform procedures they would normally refer out.
About the instructor
Dr. Steven Rasner earned his DMD at the University of Pennsylvania. He has trained with many renowned implant surgeons, and went on to earn a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Rasner has taught for eighteen years in 40 American states and 5 countries. He has taught his courses, Atraumatic Extractions for the GP and The Bulletproof Guide to Implant Success, for several ADA components as well as multiple times at the national ADA Meeting. He has been recognized in Dentistry Today’s Top Clinical Educators list for ten consecutive years. He has authored 3 books and over 50 industry and journal publications.
Vineland, NJ February 3-4, 2017
16 CE units, $2800 includes course,
2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner

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